Thank you for viewing my auction!

You are bidding on Stakeholder Knife #066 (The Alpha) and its sheath.  Purchased from MT Knives in 2013 when Patrick began his stakeholder knife program.  There are 100 stakeholders in MT Knives, and buying this knife will also transfer ownership interest in MT Knives to the buyer.  MT Knives releases a stakeholder knife every 1-2 years, and each owner of the company has the opportunity to purchase their knife or have the company sell it to another stakeholder for about $50 more than the purchase price originally offered.  I opted to forego the purchase of the second knife, the General, and received a check for $50 from MT Knives.  I did purchase the third knife and fourth knife, the Ranger and 04LE Chef’s Knife, but they are not directly included in this auction (more details below).  I have never used my Ranger or 04LE Chef’s Knife, so it is in the exact same condition that they were the day I received it. The Alpha was lightly used and sharpened.

The last Auctioned off Stakeholder Position sold for $2551! 

When Patrick was coming out with the stakeholder knife and program, Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast endorsed it (and still supports MT Knives).  These links will take you videos and comments that tell much more information about this very special program and MT Knives:

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2015 Ranger

Patrick’s knives have also been reviewed by others, and here are a couple links to reviews (these are also featured on the MT Knives website):

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Youtube Review

As I mentioned above, I purchased the Ranger knife, and the 04LE Chef’s knife, the winner of this auction will have the option to buy them as well, however the Ranger and 04LE is NOT included in the bid price of this auction.  The Ranger and 04LE Chef’s Knife is shown in the pictures along with the leather sheath.  If the winner of this auction does not want to buy the Ranger or 04LE and we cannot agree on a price, I will start a new auction for that knife.  Here are more details about the Ranger:

“… It is a replica of a Bob Loveless Drop Point hunter, they use to sell for $3000 and now sell for over $10,000 if you can find one. 

The Ranger Prototype

  • Steel XHP
  • 62-63 HRC
  • OAL is 8.5 inches
  • Cutting edge at 3.5 inches
  • Handle is Dark Myrtle Burl
  • Red Vulcanized liners
  • Hand-made Retention Leather Sheath


Shipping will be a flat rate of $20, and that will include insurance for the full amount to protect against loss or damage.


Auction ends: September 20, 2018 7:15 pm
Timezone: America/Chicago