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Due to such a high demand for custom knives, and wanting to provide as many people as possible with the best cutting performance that money can buy, I have put together a small, light weight, minimalist design that will give you the best cutting performance for a price all can afford.

The Genesis I is built with CTS-XHP Alloy carpenters’ steel, a newer steel which due to its high cost is not used often by other knife makers.

It is finished with with a stone wash finish and has a hardness of 60 HRC.  This pre-order knife come with the black index sheath.

“If you would have asked me a week ago, two days ago, before I received it, if I would have ever considered wearing or using a neck knife I would have thought you were insane, I thought that they were gimpy, I thought that they were silly, I thought it was something I had absolutely no interest in…
What I found is that I really like it. Many reasons. It is so light and so thin that I didn’t know it was there until I needed it. It really shined working on the treehouse because I can’t get access to my pockets because I got a toolbelt on, got a big winter coat, it is really cold out. . .well use the neck knife… It was always there when I couldn’t get at my other knife. It’s absolutely beautiful… I’m a fan, I really like it. The way it fits my hand. Absolutely a near perfect blade shape.”


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Cutlery Lover (some language may not be suitable for some audiences)

Cutlery Lover Cutting Demo (some language may not be suitable for some audiences)

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The Genesis, Gen I

Due to such a high demand for custom knives, and wanting to provide as many people as possible with the best cutting performance that money can buy, I have put together a small, light weight, minimalist design that will give you the best cutting performance for a price all can afford. I chose to use a steel that is rather new and due to its high cost is not used very often by other knife makers.

Steel: CTS-XHP Alloy carpenters’ steel

Hardness: 60 HRC

Finish: Stonewashed

AOL: 6.625

Cutting Edge: 2.625

Weight: 1.65 oz.

Sheath: Kydex Neck Knife (pictures available soon)

This is the same steel I use in many of my custom knives. If you want to experience an edge that will perform like nothing you have used before, at a fraction of the cost of a custom knife, or if you want something to hold you over while you wait for your custom knife, this is the knife for you!

I am excited to finally have found some manufacturers I know with state of the art equipment to provide only the best work – right here in the USA. This knife is 100% American made, and its quality is not to be rivaled. The Genesis is the first in the line of quality knives I have planned for the future of MT Knives. So get your piece of history in the making now.

The Genesis was designed for cutting performance and will out perform the competition, however it isn’t a pry bar. Designing a knife that can be used for prying and chopping you sacrifice some of the properties that help it hold a keen edge and maintain a level of sharpness I prefer in a knife. I do plan on designing a bushcraft knife in the future that will be made to handle the type of stress a bushcraft knife is subjected to.

Many similar designs sell for well over $200, however suggested retail for The Genesis is $175 and will be on sale for $150 for a short time.

4 reviews for The Genesis

  1. John Rosalia

    Best Knife Ever!
    This is by far the sharpest knife I have ever owned. That along with its ease of access as a neck knife to me, makes it the best knife ever. It feels great in your hand and is very light. I don\’t leave the house without it. Although I do use my Genesis on a daily basis for regular everyday tasks such as cutting open bales of straw, or opening 50 lb bags of chicken feed, my Genesis truly shined at a major automobile accident I witnessed a few days ago.. There was a woman inside one of the cars. I was able to get the door open and had to cut the side airbag out of the way to get to her. I was quickly able to get to my neck knife and cut the airbag to remove it and attend to the woman who was severely injured. If I didn\’t have my neck knife on me, I probably would have ended up fumbling to get my Leatherman out of the belt pouch and opening it to get to the blade. It definitely would NOT have been as sharp but would have done the job… eventually.
    Thank you Patrick for making such a high quality tool.

  2. V Whiteside

    Major success as a Christmas gift for my son who opened it as soon as he received it. He\’s like that. He took it to work, wears it around his neck and raves about it. He is so pleased with it he almost giggles about it. Thank you for the high quality and the elegant design. Furthermore, thank you for the joint effort with Jessica, aka Dixie, for your 2018 knife offer. Great idea. We will get another one when they are available. My brother needs one.

    • MT Knives

      So good to hear. 🙂 Thank You for your support!

  3. Brad

    I received this knife three years ago as a Birthday present and to this day it’s my favorite knife. The blade came incredibly sharp. I wear it and use it regularly and in three years I’ve sharpened it twice. I was shocked on how well the steal took a new edge and is so easy to maintain with an occasional stropping. The steal is also really corrosion resistant, I’ve worn this blade for countless miles of trail running and never had any rust issues despite buckets of sweat. If you all looking for an ultra light weight neck knife I can’t imagine there is a finer one out there.

  4. Mary Wilson

    I got this as a Christmas present to use went backpacking and I absolutely love it! It is extremely sharp so I will be able to cut through everything I need to. I love the way I can release it from its sheath with one hand. This is functional and beautiful. It is a great tool and I will wear in on all of my adventures. I also like that I can have it visible around my neck as a deterrent or hide it under my hiking shirt. Best of all, I will always know where it is.

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