TSP Knife Workshop will be Best Ever

Let me help you learn how to make your own knife. Easy.


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***Class is only available to attendees of the TSP Fall Event***

Cost $600 ($300 deposit, $300 at the event) 

I will be bringing enough materials for 5 attendees to build their own knives. This is the third time I have ever done a hands-on group knife build. This is going to be something really special and you can thank Jack for talking me into it, and for equipping his shop with some basic tools for the class! I will be bringing plenty of my own tools, including my TW90 Knife Grinder, which is a work horse […]

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$600 Knife Shop

$600 Knife Shop


Most everyone has heard of the book $50 Knife Shop. If you have not then that is a good place to start on building a shop. I get asked often what tools people should buy. Unfortunately there is no one answer to the question. It depends on each persons budget, goals, and work space. I started my shop with about $1000 of tools. I bought an Anvil, Drill Press, 4X36 Grinder, and a bandsaw. I already had basic hand tools, I built a forge from scrap from the scrap yard and started making knives. Not long after that I built my first 2×72 grinder from an […]

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Setting Angles for Sharpening Jigs

Every wonder how to find the proper angle while sharpening?

Maybe you have a Professional Knife Sharpener like the one below. Or maybe you just want to know what angle you are holding when sharpening. In the past I have covered these topics in other post. However I figured I would cover it from a new angle. 😀 pun intended.

 One simple way I have covered in the past, is to use paper, and known angles like below. Simply make a guide and placing it between the knife and sharpening stone. 

A new twist to this old trick […]

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The Survival Podcast Knife Workshop

Let me help you learn how to make your own knife. Easy.

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***Class is only available to attendees of the TSP Fall Event***

Cost $400 ($200 deposit $200 at the event) 

I am excited to be one of Jack Spirko’s instructors again this year! Jack’s “The Survival Podcast Workshop” sold out in just about 2 hours last time! That means that you guys really want to be at the 9 Mile Farm in November. And so do I!

This year there are less instructors and more time! Also we will have an area dedicated for the knife class. 

I will be bringing enough materials for a small 8 […]

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Limited Time TSP Genesis Sale

TSP “Val” Genesis

I have had several request for a run of TSP Val Genesis. The last time we ran them it was a huge success. These are only going to be available for a limited time, and probably won’t be available again for quite a while.  This run is going to have the “Val” logo in place of the MT Knives logo in the photo (the MTK logo will be on the back side) Unless there is a landslide of orders They should ship in 2-3 weeks if not sooner.  

The Deadline for ordering will be Friday May 26th by Midnight.

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Ponder CTS™-XHP versus other steels. Is the quality in the steel?


Welcome back. In some ways, this is the hardest of the three posts about CTS™-XHP. In others… easy day. What I wanted to look at here was just a side by side comparison of a few different types of steels and then draw a conclusion or two. Basically, it’s a versus post! Who has the best stats? Let’s find out.

MTKnives is a little… different.

This post is going to approach this subject a little differently than most knife makers approach the subject. A lot of people in this industry like to take one knife and compare it to another using the rope-cut method. There are others but this one is pretty ubiquitous. Basically, you take […]

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CTS™-XHP: Is this super steel the best for knives? I think so.


Let’s continue our discovery of CTS™-XHP. Possibly the best knife steel ever.

CTS™-XHP is one of the most fantastic steels on the market. I don’t just say that because I use it. I say that because it is possibly the best. It is in high demand. The thought that went into the formula is dumbfounding. The quality of the manufacturing is top notch. And most importantly the performance of the steel is unbelievable. I have a hard time saying something is the best ever, but this steel might just be the best knife steel ever. Let’s keep describing it. Hope you enjoy!

Carpenter’s XHP is Air Hardening:

Recall the last post when we talked about how CTS™-XHP was formed using powder metallurgy? Ok. So […]

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No Longer Selling Sharpening Supplies

 I am no longer going to stock sharpening supplies.

I want as many people to be able to keep their knives sharp as possible! And to save their money so they can spend it on a nice knife 🙂 So I am going to provide you with the links to the products I recommend as well as cheaper alternatives. I believe in buy once cry once. So it isn’t really a recommendation, but I understand some people just prefer to go with the cheapest route available. These links are Amazon Affiliate links and I will get a small percentage of the sale cost. However, it doesn’t cost you any more than it would if you bought straight from Amazon.

I may be […]

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CTS™-XHP: What is Carpenter’s XHP steel? In a word, Excellent.

 Is CTS™-XHP the best steel? I think so.

CTS™-XHP steel at this time is my go to steel for Extra High-Performance knives. Frankly, I think it is incredibly hard to beat in performance. Carpenter’s XHP outperforms pretty much everything out there. It is a premium steel and it is coveted by knife makers around the world. I have been wanting to write a few articles about this steel for a while now.


That time is now. Let’s dive in!

Over the next few articles, I plan on covering the makeup of the steel, some in-depth explorations of the characteristics of the steel, and make some comparisons to other common steels you might encounter.

For this article, […]

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Stakeholder of the Month


Stakeholder of the Month


I thought it would be fun to feature a Stakeholder of the Month so you and I could hear from the people who help m