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Learn to make knives… the MTK way!

My first time teaching people to learn to make knives went really well!

During The 2017 Survival Podcast’s Spring Workshop this past month I helped eight people to make their very first handmade knife! It was an amazing experience! When Jack asked me to help people learn to make knives with this class I really wanted them to come away knowing something about knifemaking and I think they did! It was my first time teaching a class like this and I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to teach everyone to make their knives in the short time that I had available to me. Especially since I was just one instructor among 15 different breakout workshops!

Thankfully, […]

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Knife Making – A Little Closer Everyday

So another week has flown by and a few more custom knives got mailed to their new owners. Here is a little recap of the week’s knife making.

21 Custom Knives

I should be finished up next week on all of The Alphas, getting ready to start some really unique Custom Knives,  and also get started on 2014 “The Generals” style knives for our Stakeholders.
Custom Knives glued up SuppliesA new shipment of Supplies! It is almost like Christmas! I am really excited to create some Stellar new Knives with these new materials!

Pink G10

Jade Ghost […]

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December Week 1

Carving the Turkey


Thanksgiving Was great! I spend the time with family and a little time in the shop 😉

Surface Ground


The beginning stage after heat treat is to surface grind the surface to remove all scratches and make perfectly flat.Scales roughed in


Attaching the G10 scales.
Ready to Glue upnext I ruff out the shape, and sand the front of the scales.

one knife to rule them all one knife to rule them all


It is hard to get a […]

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Knife Making Handles – Some Progress

The first week was spent heat treating and getting the shop in order and cleaned up. I had some help for the first week and that was nice.Here’s some photos to show you some of my progress in making the Limited edition Stakeholder’s Knives.

Knife making- Knives Surfaced Ground Knives Surfaced Ground Knife Making - Knife Handle Pins Cut Knife Handle Pins Cut Knife Handle Scales Roughed Out and Drilled Knife Handle Scales Roughed Out and Drilled Cutting Knife Scales to Shape Cutting Knife […]

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A Good Days work


IMG_1657     So this is how my day started, I thought I had grabbed the right receptacle yesterday got it wired up just to find out I had the wrong one! So off to town I went to get the right one.

Limited Edition KnivesI got most of the kydex cut out and started!

IMG_1662Some Friends came over and helped get a new door and fan installed!

IMG_1671About ready to put these handles on some knives!

Woke up at 6 am and […]

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Good Steel

On a properly heat treated blade the steel should be flexible. You should be able to flex the edge of the blade and it should spring back to its original position. This is a sign of a good heat treatment. Here is a video where you can see just that.

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This beautiful wood has striking curly or fiddlebacked grain pattern. This will make a pretty cool looking knife.

Didn’t get a chance to get out to the shop tonight, was really hoping to shot some video also, just one of those nights.
Thank You,

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