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2 Special Deals in honor of my eBook Launch!

How to Sharpen the Edge of Your Knife

I teach a one day knife and blade sharpening course and in all of my classes, I discover the same or similar stories. People can’t seem to get their knife sharp no matter what technique they try or how long they work. Their knife edge doesn’t take an edge or keep an edge. For men, they resort to brute hand strength to cut or slice anything. Women become frustrated and just have their kitchen knives professionally sharpened for too much money.

How would you like to draw your knife from your pocket, sheath, or block and know beyond any shadow of a doubt that your knife is ready to cut, slice, dice, or trim? […]

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What you didn’t know about the Stakeholder Auction

What you didn’t know about the Stakeholder Auction

What you didn't know about the Stakeholder Auction

For those who don’t know about the Stakeholder Program, almost 3 years ago I launched the Stakeholder Program to transition from a part-time maker to full time! It was a huge success, I sold 100 positions in 6 mins after crashing my website and sending out links through email. There were a lot of people who didn’t get a chance to get in. Many have been waiting for this opportunity to arrive. So when it did earlier this month no one really knew how much it would bring. I had guessed […]

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Knife making January 2016 (I need your help)



Happy New Year 2016 Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, knife making has never been better! 😀 It is that time of year again when everyone is setting goals, the problem is people set goals because they feel they need to yet lack the determination to stick with them. Everyone one wants to change things but few want it bad enough!  So here it goes…. My goal for 2016 is to start updating my site on a regular basis. (I am going to shoot for a new post every Friday). And I am asking for your help… please. How?

  • Accountability: if I miss a post flood my email […]
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2015 Ranger Limited Availability

2014 Ranger FINAL from Jack Spirko on Vimeo.

Update The Limited Edition Rangers are all sold!

If you would like to order a custom drop-point hunter you can do so using the Custom Knife Deposit.

Only 20 or Less will be Available – Want YOUR Chance to Purchase One?

Once I have a total count on how many will be available to the public there will be a random drawing from the list of people who would like to purchase one. The price of the 2015 Rangers will be $499  If you are interested in one please fill out the form below. I will send […]

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The General Update 02LE Knives

Hey folks,

Patrick here with MT Knives, and it’s time to give you guys the low down on the progress of the long-awaited Limited Edition Knives.

The Generals
A handful of the knives are out to the stakeholders already, and a few more are ready to send out the door today. However, the rollout on these knives has been a little slower than we would all like. Basically, there’s two reasons for that.

Number one, as picky as I was about quality on the first set of stakeholder knives, I’m being even more ruthless with the second run of my limited edition knives. I’ve been taking more time for additional training during the […]

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MT Knives is Doubling Its Workforce

Work is really picking up around here! I have been wanting to get some help for quite some time. It is hard to find the right person for the job. However, after working last week with my new intern, I think the search is over, at least for the summer.  I would like to introduce my new intern for the summer, Eli Hansen. Eli is a seventeen-year old home school student from southeastern Minnesota, and he is interested in a business career. I invited him to come spend some time here and offered to teach him what I could about starting a business and making really cool knives. He came down to visit last week, and we really hit it off. […]

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One Day Sale

Sharping Stone Set

King 1000

King 6000

Camellia Oil

sharpening stones
Click Here to Buy Now!
This is what I personally use, don’t be fooled out there there are many stones on the market and many “good deals” I have bought many of them “good deals” myself only to find out they were smaller or not good quality.  I feel these stones are the best deal for the money and will last most people their lifetime!

Sale over Sorry Keep watching for the next one!

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MT Knives News March 2014

The last couple of weeks have been slammed packed with a variety of things…. From training, teaching, traveling and tidying up my shop. And working on some knives!


I spent several days with another knife maker “Bill” who has over 40 years of experience, and some really nice tools 😉  I have learned a lot from Bill and He lives pretty close so I will be  working with him a lot!  I hope to do some traveling one day and continue to learn new techniques along the road. I love meeting other knife makers. Here is one of Bills Toys, I hope to have some more toys in the future!


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January Update: Week One

A Good Start on the New Year

Custom Knife with camel bone and black walnut handle Custom Knife with camel bone and black walnut handle

Over Christmas I started the prototype for the second set of Limited Edition Knives along with this custom Knife from the scrap of the others.

The New Year Started off good with the Completion of knives 60-71 Custom Limited Edition Knives Custom Limited Edition Knives

How Sharp is it?

When ever I send my knives out I hand sharpen them and this is one of the test I do before I send them out the door.