Every wonder how to find the proper angle while sharpening?

Maybe you have a Professional Knife Sharpener like the one below. Or maybe you just want to know what angle you are holding when sharpening. In the past I have covered these topics in other post. However I figured I would cover it from a new angle. 😀 pun intended.

 One simple way I have covered in the past, is to use paper, and known angles like below. Simply make a guide and placing it between the knife and sharpening stone. 

A new twist to this old trick would be to use a protractor like in the kit below. First choose the angle you would like and cut out a wedge. Then use it to gauge your sharpening. This is a great way for those people who want an exact angle when sharpening. Like the 19 degree edge I put on the Genesis. (amazon affiliate link, one way to help support articles like this one) 


Sharpening with Technology

I love technology, it is pretty amazing how a tool like the one above can detect the angle. While I am not really sure how it does it, I bet it has something to do with the Jedi force. Therefore, If  you want to sharpen knives like a Jedi you might want to pick one up!

Pythagorean Theorem

Last and least is using math, I only include this method to make math teachers around the world happy. Actually, I love using math, and use it often. But there are better ways to find angles. Since it has been so long since I have used math to find angles, I would have to have a refresher course.


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