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Thorough instructional video on sharpening where

-I will cover the basics of sharpening knives and other tools

-low cost how to begin sharpening for under 10 dollars

-Knife care and maintenance

-how to start your own sharpening service

-and much more….

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Thorough instructional video on sharpening where

-I will cover the basics of sharpening knives and other tools

-low cost how to begin sharpening for under 10 dollars

-Knife care and maintenance

-how to start your own sharpening service

-and much more….


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9 reviews for Beyond Razor Sharp

  1. Howard

    Very well done video! The production quality and sound are excellent. I’ve been sharpening for 30 plus years and am always looking for another way to get better. The elusive “holy grail” edge.

    Even with all this experience under my belt I learned some GREAT tips from this video. I also love how Patrick dispelled some of the confusion around the subject as well (such as with direction to sharpen!)

    ‘Shaving sharp’ is just the beginning. It takes practice – but like any investment – pays big dividends.

    Buy it and take pride in your edges!

  2. Don (verified owner)

    Excellent video. I have watched several videos on knives and sharpening and most of them are full of the “how” to do message without explaining the “why” you do part. This video gets it right on both counts. I’ve always felt like learning is much easier if you know why you are doing something. Makes correcting your errors much easier. Patrick does an excellent job of this. I can’t wait to get sharpening!

  3. DELively (verified owner)

    A great guide for those looking to break away from Lansky rods and Sharpmakers and expensive Edge Pro systems.

    I like that he carefully explains why you’re doing each step and that he explains how to use a marking pen to see how you’re doing. A lot of sharpening instructors simply tell you to use a marker without showing you what to look for.

    Finally, I like that he spends some time on sharpening stone maintenance, something I think a lot of people overlook. By the time they get good at sharpening, their sharpening stone isn’t any good.

  4. Lucas (verified owner)

    Excellent video. Patrick does an incredible job explaining the details of his sharpening technique. The video is easy to understand and is very accessible. After watching this one time, I got several knives sharp enough to shave with. I have no doubt that, with a little practice, I’ll be working beyond razor sharp! Thanks so much for making this video!

  5. D.J. (verified owner)

    This video is great! I sharpened my first knife using these techniques shortly after watching the video. I was so amazed that I was able to get my knife razor sharp. Sharper than any sharpening device. This is something that I have tried and tried and never succeeded. I remember as a kid watching my grandfather use these techniques and getting his knives scary sharp. But I was just a kid then. Now that I am older I always wanted to know those techniques. Now I do. Thank you Patrick

  6. Angus (verified owner)

    Positive: Production quality (lighting and camera work) was great and everything was well spoken and clearly explained. The methods used are simple while still giving amazing results and I thought the part on low-cost sharpening was great.

    Negative: I\’m extremely disappointed in the resolution of the video; at only 540p some things Patrick talked about were not visible simply because of the resolution. After paying close to 30 AUD for the digital download this left me dumbstruck. There was also little to no discussion about the different kinds of sharpening stones which, as an aspiring knife sharpener can be one of the most confusing things.

    Negatives aside this video did improve my results considerably.

    • MT Knives (verified owner)


      If you would like a DVD (Full res) instead of the digital download I will send you one if you cover the shipping. I have a higher res download however people were having trouble downloading it, so we dropped the size. As for the sharpening stones I sell the ones I recommend on my site, there are so many different stones on the market, I sell the ones I feel are the best for the money. Thank You for your feedback


  7. Christian S.

    I have a horrible history of turning great knives into butter knives. I watched every video I could think of and although they helped me with the basics, the technique just wouldn\’t come. I even bought an expensive system but I hated that I couldn\’t master this skill. A local friend teaches sharpening but the classss are three times the cost of this DVD.
    After watching it once I was able to get a clean bevel and a hair shaving edge for the first time ever, on a cheap $12 kit. Using water stones and a strop I can now whittle free hanging hair without touching skin. I\’d buy Beyond Razor Sharp again in a heartbeat. If you want to know how to be a master, get this DVD!

  8. Jonathan R. (verified owner)

    Knives have been my passion/obsession and I have been sharpening them for the past 10 years. Two years ago I decided to open a sharpening business in order to give people the chance to experience a crazy sharp edge on their knives and this DVD did helped me improve a lot my technique (you always learn something new) and also discover new ways of sharpening. It is very clear and easy to understand, good sound, good resolution and Patrick explains step by step ALL you should know in order to achieve Hair whittling edges. You dont need anything expensive to be a good sharpener and this DVD proofs it. Techniques is what matters and you´ll learn it here from Patrick. He has been very kind with me, excelent customer service, excelent support, excelent person to deal with. I wish he makes an advance video or a part 2 so we can all keep learning new things.
    Get the DVD, get the 2 stone set and