I am no longer going to stock sharpening supplies.

I want as many people to be able to keep their knives sharp as possible! And to save their money so they can spend it on a nice knife 🙂 So I am going to provide you with the links to the products I recommend as well as cheaper alternatives. I believe in buy once cry once. So it isn’t really a recommendation, but I understand some people just prefer to go with the cheapest route available. These links are Amazon Affiliate links and I will get a small percentage of the sale cost. However, it doesn’t cost you any more than it would if you bought straight from Amazon.

I may be able to provide better customer service than Amazon but I can’t beat their prices!


King 1000 and King 6000 grit stone

Nagura Stone I use

Flattening Stone I recommend

I like this blade oil and it also comes with a rust eraser!

Super Stone

I haven’t ordered this stone yet but I probably will soon, it is the 1000 grit stone Super Sized 😀 by the time you wear this one out you will either be a Master Sharpener or realize you should find another hobby 😀

Renaissance Wax

I also use Renaissance Wax on knife handles and blades when I want to really protect them for storage.


Soft Towels

To keep your knives in collector condition it is important to use a soft cloth that isn’t going to scratch the finish. I like to use microfiber towels for that.


Combination Stone

This is a combination stone, same stones however the reason I don’t recommend this stone as the 1000 grit side will wear out well before the 6000 grit side. However, this is a cost-effective way to get started.


I want to save you time and money, I have spent countless hours and money finding the best products to use. I am more concerned with earning your trust than being a reseller of products. I want to spend my time doing the things I love like making knives. And give you the best tools of the trade!