Let me help you learn how to make your own knife. Easy.

I am excited to be one of Jack Spirko’s instructors this year! Jack’s “The Survival Podcast Workshop” sold out in just about 2 hours last time! That means that you guys really want to be at the 9 Mile Farm in March. And so do I!

I can’t wait to share what I know about knife making with you. I am the first instructor on the first day so bring your coffee! (Brew it extra strong Jack, we have important stuff to talk about!) This year as you may know Jack is changing the format of the workshop schedule. This change will allow for some time at the end of the day for me to offer an awesome deal for my fellow students.

I will be bringing enough materials for a small number of attendees to build their own knives. This is the first time I have ever done a hands-on group knife build. This is going to be something really special and you can thank Jack for talking me into it. I told him I wouldn’t have my workshop with me and he went out and bought a drill press and band saw just so I could teach you how to properly make your own knife. Everyone say, “Thanks, Jack!”

Let me tell you the details of my first ever hands-on knife build:

This is a beginners class that will focus on how to assemble the handle, final shaping, sanding, and sharpening. You will build your own Alpha style knife. This is a time-tested knife design and useful for just about any purpose. It is one of my favorite knife profiles. It is good for everything from puncturing and poking to slicing and dicing! It is one of the easiest knives to sharpen and maintain and will last several lifetimes.

If you start down the path of knife building here are some questions I am going to ask you. They are rhetorical you don’t need to raise your hand or answer the question. Answer them honestly and I think you will probably be interested in what I have to offer. Would you like to make your own knife? Are you satisfied with the knife you have built? Are you worried that making a knife is to complicated? Do you have the time to master building your own knife? Are you fed up with all of the crazy DIY knife making websites?

Imagine what it will be like to draw the knife you made from your sheath and dress the deer you killed. Think about the pride you will have in using your knife to accomplish the work you have been doing with a knife someone else made. Or consider having the ONLY knife in the world made by you. What if you find a new favorite hobby?

That is exactly what I am going to give you in the first ever mini-workshop (whatever it is called) at the TSP Workshop. You own knife made by you. Beyond the hands-on instruction, all of the materials you will need will be provided. Everything you need will be covered in the cost of the mini-workshop.

Here is a list of the raw materials you will transform into your metallic masterpiece:

  • MTKnives Alpha style knife blank (BTW this style is not available on my website. You are getting something very special).
  • Made from high-performance XHP steel (many cheap knife kits are cheap because you receive some seriously poor quality steel. This is top shelf stuff.)
  • Pre-ground & heat treated ready for the handle. (This is very time consuming and we will not be able to heat treat in the time we have available.)
  • Your choice of several awesome handle options. (I take great pride in my knife handles and want you to also!)
  • Your choice of decorative handle pins. (The handle pin really sets your knife apart from any pedestrian blades you may encounter)
  • Epoxy and all materials needed. (obviously).

Reserve one of the VERY limited seats available as soon as possible and experience building your own Alpha style knife with me. There are literally billions of knives in the world. Become the owner of the ONLY knife in the world built by you. The cost of the mini-workshop is $300 ($150 deposit + $150 at workshop) 

As a crazy bonus just because I am such a fan of Jack’s workshop I am going to bring Mosaic Pins manufactured by Sally Martin for you to use as your handle pin if you so choose! I respect the choice of an elegant solid brass pin or other decorative pins, but if you are interested in using one of these beautiful pins you certainly may!

If we play our hands right, there might be just enough time to make Kydex sheaths for you brand new razor sharp knife. I will also include some information on knife care and maintenance to take with you.

Click here to reserve your seat now. Seating is extremely limited so don’t wait!

For a quick preview of the topics, I will be covering in my teaching topic… read on! (after you reserve your seat. By the time you finish reading this they might all be gone.)

Before we get out into the workshop and put hands on tools, I will be teaching a workshop teaching the following topics: Detailed instruction on how to get started making your own knives, starting from zero and going to completion. How to choose handle and blade materials to fit your needs. Working with metal and choosing drill bit sizes and types.

Here is the problem: Learning to make your own knife is hard. Really hard. Most people who try to learn knife making on their own use youtube, improvised-workshops, and inferior steel and handle material. They don’t have a teacher or the resources to learn how to make their own quality knife. I know how you feel. I felt the same way. It was hard for me to learn how to make quality knives. I want to teach others how. You need to start somewhere…

Knives are one of the most vital tools a man can have. This is no understatement. Your knife is the original multi-tool. Like most skills involved with being self-sustaining, knife making can be an art and hobby. You can become a craftsmen by learning to make your own knife. Whether you decide to become a craftsmen or not you will still learn a ton about making one of the most ancient and vital of all tools.

During my training I will cover everything you need to know about:

  1. Getting Started: Making and choosing your knife. You get an overview on how to get started making knives economically.
  2. Handle Selection: Choosing the handle material is an important decision and you will need to make a good selection.
  3. Steel Selection: The basic material your knife is made from is steel. There is a lot of opinions about what steel to use and I am going to tell you exactly what to look for in a steel when choosing yours.
  4. Selecting drill bit sizes and types: Not all drill bits are created equal and I will help you choose the right type and size drill bit for knife making.
  5. Epoxy: Epoxy is a real vixen. It is fickle and temperamental. Still, it is one of the most beneficial adhesives available and I will show you some of the key decisions you will face when using it.
  6. Safety gear: No talk about power tools would be complete without a discussion about PPE (personal protective equipment).
  7. Grinders: Grinders (a.k.a sandpaper moving at insanely high speeds) are good at removing metal (and skin!) quickly and efficiently and you need to know how to use it.
  8. Drill Press: A drill press is important to drilling straight holes straight.
  9. Bandsaws: Shaping your steel from the raw material can be done using a band saw.
  10. Fit & Finish: Putting the handle on your knife is critical to the usefulness of your knife. If you handle is installed poorly it will be loose and make your tools uncomfortable and ineffective to use. You need to make sure it is a tight fit and has a good finish.
  11. What to look for in a knife: Lastly, I will talk about key quality points to look for when choosing a knife. Not surprisingly there is a large selection of inferior knives on the market and I will show you what to look for when buying a quality knife.

I will see you at the 9 Mile Farm in March! Thanks for buying the drill press and band saw Jack! I know it will mean a lot to your students!